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Originally Posted by Poison View Post
Excuse me, but when the Camaro stops at the light, it looks like the brake lights have an open/close thing going on. I have just been wondering for the longest time now...... is it just me or do they really swipe like that?
Those aren't the production tail lights (I hope). If you go to the Test track pics and look at the car from the rear, you can see that these tail lights are being used, like the headlight, just for street legal function.

I'm speculating, which is sometimes a sin on here, that tail light assembly will be similar to the concept only because if you notice the yellow assembly is clear through the back and you can see the bulb and there is a fitting for the "afterburn" effect that is so desired by us fans.

Those tail lights are just temporary. No one know for sure what the final version will look like.
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