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**Small Background Story**

My obsession with the 5th gens began at the LA Auto show in 2006 where I first laid eyes on the concept camaro. I was there with my dad at the time and told him that one day I will buy one. . . My Dad smiled and said keep saving.

To make a long story short my Dad eventually developed lung cancer and was told he has about a year to live. If he wanted to do chemo/radiation it will allow him to live a couple more years. He decided to do the chemo/radiation but even with it, the cancer spread rapidly and 6 months later he passed. It just so happened that the day that we buried his ashes was the day I went to pick up my 2010 2LT/RS. The dealer I bought it from also happened to be down the street from his work.

My Car History-

- My first car was a 89 Toyota Camry. Do I really need to say more about this. . .?

-Then I had a 2003 v6 Camaro in 07 which I sold in 09 to found out a week later after selling it got totalled

-Then 2010 2LT/RS Camaro on 10/22/09.
I had that for almost 2 years but I felt the need for more power.
Sold it private party and decided to save till I could upgrade.

-Had a 03 Subaru WRX as my DD but as it got closer to my goal of a SS I sold it to purchase a a cheap beater DD.

-I currently have a 03 Ford Focus as my beater DD to save my SS from wear and tear.

I didnt realize till just now I have a thing with 03 cars. . . wasn't on purpose, just came across a good deal and they happened to be for an 03 car I suppose. . . Haha

The pic below was the the most up to date picture of my 2010 2LT before I sold it. *Journal Here*
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