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Originally Posted by 1LeSS View Post
Do you head up there as a group and enter the showN Shine or just go to walk around and take in the sights? I'm in northern BC and when I saw this, thought maybe I should put it on my list of places to go this year.
Tried googling the event but only got this post and last years newspaper account of it taking place.
I'm in contact with the organizer and she will send me a flyer as soon as she has one done. I will post it as soon as I get it. I tried finding an old one on line also, but it is Lillooet (Born and raised there) I know that there other events that go on during the week end. If you golf, bring your clubs and you can participate in the golf tourney. The ShowNShine is short; 9-2, and for a little community, there is an amazing turnout. I'll find out what time the gates open too. ( I believe it opens at 8:00.)
We can also do a nice cruise, the scenery is endless there, no matter which direction we take. Lots of twisties
I have a list of lodging available. If we get enough participants I might be able to swing a better rate too. My room is already booked at my Mom's!
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