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Looks like I'm not alone here!

Originally Posted by nyrfan View Post
Yes I am having the same issue, but it only lasts for a quick period and not all the time so i'm sure its going to be a hard find for the dealer. The weird thing is there is no smell in the engine bay at all so I'm not sure what it could be.

I'm hoping its just a break-in thing and will go away, if it continues much longer I will head to the dealer.

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I has a similar problem with the a/c I noticed a couple days after I got the car the a/c wasn't as cold as I thought it should be. I asked my husband if he noticed it and he said yes but maybe because it was 103 outside? I have no clue a month later I was behind a p.u and I had the worst fumes come into the car smelled like brakes burning, and fumes. I first thought it was the car in front of me, I pulled over to give it some time opened my windows because I was literally chocking shut the air off and kept on going. It went away I never thought about it again, then it happened again and a couple days later I got a letter in the mail there is a recall on the a/c motor when I finally got my car into the dealership for the recall I no longer had a/c it blew out a horrible burning smell and a loud screeching sound. I dropped it off just for a recall got the car back with a check engine light on, donut powder all over my dash and crumbs on my floor oh and a large crack in windshield. Way to go service dept!!! A+ for trashing a brand new car I was told the reason my check engine light came on is because my sunroof needed to be reprogrammed. Really??? Do I look that stupid? I told the receptionist to get a clue before she tells me her diagnostics! I said to her in a nice way I may be a woman but I can tear down a 405 big block faster than she can put on her make up! Unless I am wrong but every mechanic that I asked said there is no way possible for the sunroof to set off the check engine light. Regardless that I said only the recall they call me to tell me I need a fuel injection flushing and I needed new brakes. I asked them who told them to go and check the fuel injectors.. the Service manager was silent I said only the recall. Well this is the problem of course they try to make money off you no matter why you bring in the car for service, they see a female and say let's take advantage of her... Not with me you won't! I told them they better fix my car and replace the windshield before the car will be back on the showroom floor through the front window! I seriously hate Chevy, Now my engine is leaking??????
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