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Originally Posted by BullF-16 View Post
That unit is monstrous, bigger than the F1X. I really dont want to hack into my shock tower to get anything to fit. I have looked at this and was intrigued.

Im thinking, nothing ventured nothing gained. I may just try the TT route. My shop is using all quality parts and will coat the units and manifolds and the piping as well. They are going to use Precision Turbo 6766 turbos and should allow for future endeavors if i feel the need. The 3 different boost levels i did not know about.....does this require 3 different tunes? I have the EFI Live AutoCal that can store 5 of Pat G's tunes.

Thanks guys.....what ever became of Darth Emma's twin build?
If you SD tune the car right, at all those levels you wont need 3 different tunes one will do it all, it will fuel for whatever KPA you will be running
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