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For folks that want to get on the dyno it will be done on a first come first served basis with a sign up sheet. So it you want in to dyno sign up early. The cost will be $45 for two back to back runs with AF readings and printout. If a car has undercar dumps or no extra bung for an oxygen sensor you will not get an AF reading.

We will guarantee that the first 20 people to sigh up will get on the dyno and the rest will be on a secondary list. If we get done with the first 20 at a reasonable time and have no full dyno calibrations to do we will continue into the secondary list.

For those wanting to get a full calibration I am requiring a $100 deposit and full cost will be dependent upon mods. All full calibrations will be done after the base dyno runs.

Looks like we will have a pretty big turnout so far.

Mike Norris
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