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Okay I just got off the phone with Dave Rogers The General Manager of John L Sullivan.
First thing he asked was what I ordered. I explained to him what I ordered, but even from the very beginning he would not let me finishing talking, he kept interrupting. So I finally finish what telling him what I ordered. He then proceeds to tell me how people are buying this car and selling it on ebay for $5,000 over sticker, not that that is my intention. Or how other dealers are selling the car for $10,000 over MSRP etc… I tell him I understand this, I am a member of the Camaro5 forum and I read about this stuff every night. He then goes on to tell me about how it’s a classic supply and demand issue with this limited production vehicle. I tell him, it’s not limited production they are making over 450 a day, and the reason the demand outweighs the supply is that there are ~15,000 pre orders, meaning people ordered them prior to them being available so of course you would have a supply and demand problem.

I then told him I just want the car I ordered without the extras, he told me that by adding this they are adding value to the car, and that they are not making much on this mark up compared to what other dealers are with their non added value mark ups. I said you can’t say that, I know for a fact your mark up on the tinted windows is 4 times what it cost to put on the vehicle. That’s huge! He says I didn’t say we weren’t making any money, I said not very much… So I asked you’re going to use my order to stock your show room? If so I am going to cancel my order. At this point I was walking through a hallway that had really bad reverb. So he says “I’m not going to let you talk to me this way call me back when you settle down.” I exit the hallway and ask Dave talk to you how? He said you’re raising your voice (a side effects of the reverb in the hallway) and telling me what I am going to do and what you’re going to do as a consequence. I told him sorry about that I was in a hallway. So from the beginning he was being an @$$. It got worse from there. Prior to talking to him I was planning on asking to exchange some of the forced add-ons, for example to forget the tinted windows and paint sealant but I would take the car cover, some ground effects and the clear bra after I paint my stripes, and that I would be taking my vehicle to them for service etc… and pass the good word on the forum that he worked it out for me… but that is not the case .
He said that when they get a car on the lot in a few months that is exactly what I want he would be willing to sell it to me at MSRP or even lower no problem but not this car… well jack @$$ my car won’t be there for a few months anyway… and now you’ve just screwed yourself over because you want to make extra money on this… I tried to tell him I just want the car I ordered and not the one he wants to sell me. He said I will but not this car, I said then cancel my order, he asked if I was a dealer because I have no clue how this stuff works. He said there was nothing to cancel. I said yes there is, I ordered a car from you, you used my name to place the order. Now I want you to cancel my order. He said go ahead and send me a fax letter or your cancelation (wait first you tell me there is nothing to cancel now yout el me this?) So I said no I’d rather come in and see you cancel it in person. He said there is nothing to see…

BS I said well Dave your basically telling me to screw off, so I am telling you I am done working with you and you will hear about the fallout from this from every media I decide to post it, so screw you Dave, thanks for talking to me. Have a good day. Good bye,

The End…(I hung up)
So have loose boys and girls… I think this is BS I plan to contact the BBB, the State attorneys general office, and the media… I am taking my business elsewhere and I would highly suggest everyone else who shops there to do the same… to screw over an existing customer, and go back on your word is just BS!
I could have understood if they told me this up front, but to wait until they get a bunch of sold orders then pull this and then not follow through… forget supply and demand and all that other psycho babble… this is just bad business.

Seriously if anyone wants to express to them how F'ed up this is.

Dave Rogers - 916-788-8706
General Manager (for Chevrolet Chrysler & Toyota dealerships)
700 Automall drive
Roseville, CA 95661

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