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Originally Posted by Supermans View Post
I have two questions... When you are trying to break in the new car, how does cylinder deactivation affect the piston ring sealing since that is also a careful task that needs to be done early on?

My other worry about cylinder deactivation is whether or not the wear and tear of both sides of the engine not occurring evenly will cause problems in the future with the engine? Thanks
1: You're supposed to break in the engine in the city anyways, so the AFM won't have much of a chance to turn on. So, no. I can't see any effect it will have on breaking in your engine.

2: When AFM activates, the valvetrain to 4 cylinders (2 on each side to maintain balance...I think) closes and stops working, the spark stops, and the fuel is cut-off. But the piston keeps moving inside. So wear will generally stay the same as a normal engine.
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