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Just put the 1LE strut bar on. Unfortunately this piece of hardware requires a lot of work to make it look nice. Pretty much looked like something that was more at home on my truck, the bottom of it. The casting is rough probably because they use a sand-type mold, which didn't bother me as much as the seams left by the mold. It is not a very clean part.

I used my grinder and cleaned up all the edges until they were smooth. I left the rough cast since it would require more work than I was willing to give it. I sanded down the bar to remove the fine ridges left during its manufacture.

I decided to paint the bar carbon flash metallic to match the other parts on the car, and painted the bracket using the paint using truck bed liner. I like using that stuff because it's tougher than regular paint and it dries with a slight roughness to it. The finish is about the same as what you have on the oil pan. Since my CAI is kind of a hammered finish, this match pretty well.

I picked up the bolts for it from Ace HW since the price of GM bolts was 4 times. I bought some black hot toppers to hide their silver heads. (Only shown on the right side.)

The close up of the bar was before I hit it with the polisher. It's like a mirror now after a few passes of machine polish.

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