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Originally Posted by NAVYGSCM View Post
I am looking at getting a new sports car to commemorate my retirement after serving in the Navy for 30 years. I have an HHR SS, but want a true sports car. I found this Dusk edition on the lot near my house, I get employee purchase from my mother so the price won't be so bad. I think one thing everybody is missing on the value is the Brembo brakes. That alone is over a grand upgrade. I am also looking at the new 14' me down off the ledge.
Hey , welcome back to a regular , and tanks for all what you did .
But please , make us a favor and retire with peace of mind, and in style , it's okay to drive by the other guys dealer , but only that ( drive ) , don't stop by or anything like that
Just walk around the Camaro , take a good look at the lines seen from about fender high and about 12 inches away looking to the back , that's all you need to be saved !!!
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