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Originally Posted by AuburnGrad93 View Post
Hi, I saw where you posted that you had installed the system on two 2012 SS cars without issues in stock drivability, but I am very confused and wanted to see what your opinion/explanation is concerning the 2012 cars different ECM programing? Specifically, another vender has reported the following:

"There is no force feeding the 2012-2013 Camaro, No Ram-Air. If you are building a real ram air system that actually functions, meaning that it forces in air at a velocity beyond what is generated by vacuum then the car will ďNEVERĒ drive correctly. It will buck every time you try to stay at cruising speeds of 30mph on up. You may say your ram air is fine, and it drives great. Thatís because itís not a ram air. Itís a cold air pretending to look like a ram air. Itís restrictive and relying on vacuum. It heat soaks tremendously at speeds below 45mph. That is because itís under vacuum. Air is not being forced passed the MAF."

So can you possibly clear this up for me, or at least give your impressions/observations when the New Era is installed on a 2012 vehicle? If what they are saying is tue, how does the New Era work on a 2012 car??
What a load of crap. So some forced inductions drive like crap? Heat soak under 45mph because of vacuum. BS. Pressure causes heat, not vacuum. But there is no heat because the engine consumes so much air, even at idle. Just feel a metal intake, and it will be stone cold. Material has little to do with heat soak. At least on a Lightning where they tested the crap out of materials. It was unmeasurable between all material tested. Is the camaro different? I doubt it. Show some proof.

Now for some tuning 101. A good tune doesn't start at WOT. It starts at the MAF. If your engine doesn't know how much air it is injesting, it will run less than ideal. My guess is that a camaro with this intake will run much better with a tune. Just saying. It should also be able to learn over time without a tune though.
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