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Originally Posted by nyrfan View Post
Oh so you decided to live with the AFM, I thought you were going to tune.
Yeah I decided to live with the AFM atleast for now, I actually learned how to over ride it using tap shift and knowing when to shift without kicking it on at all honestly. I still shift between 2500 and 3000k rpm (unless I'm punching it on the highway) but learned to give it some gas as im going through the shift and not just hold a speed during shifting. With that said.. it barely comes on anymore. If I shift and stay at a constant speed or give it little gas while I tap shift it normally turns on. In two weeks it's might have turned on twice which really doesn't bother me for the 10 secs it happens. I found that the sweet spot is usually about 2500 - 2700 rpms depending on the gear, which keeps me in the no AFM safe zone. Cant say this is the fix for the AFM, but it certainly works in my favor very well.

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