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Originally Posted by phantom View Post
Second week I owned the car I was driving north on HWY 45 in Vilas County Wi on my way to our lake rental property. Headed in the opposite direction is a Roush Pony. Of course the Roush must get a better look at the new Alpha in town. I catch his u turn in the rear view and touch my brakes to engage. Soon the Roush is breathing hard on my exhaust. About that time my turn to the rental appears, time for the stickies and magnetic suspension to shine, quick downshift to 3rd for power puts me in a position for a never tried before 45 mph 80 degree turn. With no problem I'm around the curve powering past cottages. The Roush slides into the turn, on to the gravel shoulder and tries to recover. By then I'm gone handling one turn after another like I'm diving a 4200 lb go-cart. So I back into a drive way and wait. In moments a very zealous Roush goes flying by attempting to catch me. So, why not, I wheel out and head after the run away pony. In seconds I'm on his butt. He tries to escape but the Roush can't power in the curves. So he finally pulls over, I join him at the road side. He can't believe the look, stance, power and handling. Great time, and one proud muscle car owner!

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