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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
I had thought of going to Pete and Becky and saying offer a 1LE with Pedders, ZL1 brakes, ZL1 side skirts and an LS7 option calling it a 1LZ. The ZL1 emblems will work (just reverse them) vision is, since Pete is such a force in the automotive performance world, showing GM a Pedders full Monte Becky upgrade ride, going onward to achieving an OEM supplier status, and then ultimately breaking out to an RPO dealer installed full performance package for our beloved next Gen Camaro. It's gonna happen, mark my words.
Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
I'd like to see a LS7 dropped in a 1LE just to see how it would run.
..the skinny is there may be a 427 CID retro esque LS style "LS7" type Gen 5 DI motor carefull what you wish for! Funk and Wagnel says it may be in the works for the C7 Z06 Vette. Oh, sorry, thats the not too distant future, the old LS7, in short supply, will be available for a limited run for the Camaro5 line before the line change. They moved the Wixom works next year to Bowling Green.
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