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Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
yeah I am guessing also, with the new "SS" coming standard with the LS3, either they have a HUGE stockpile of LS3/LS7's they need to get rid of, or they are not ready to share the tech wealth of the new LT motors I am still curious as to how there is so much tech in this engine for a measley 20HP increase
Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
I don't get the HP bump either. I would think they could get more power with a bump in compression, DI and new heads.
My money is on intentionally leaving headroom for future power increases. A little like stud poker if you will - you wouldn't play the whole hand out with your hole cards face up for all to see.

Originally Posted by BoostedX2 View Post
I plan on one more performance chevrolet but am torn between the new corvette and a new Z/28. Heres my choices:

1) ZL1/Z28/S2000
2) ZL1/Corvette

I am really leaning toward the Z as I like the size of the car-not sure I will like a "downsized" gen 6 camaro....

What's everyone think? I know, I have hard choices...
I think that snipping four or five inches out of the wheelbase would make it easier to shed a few lbs and make the car inherently just a bit more nimble in the process.

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