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Alright so here is the Audio System continued haha. I wasnt sure what I wanted to do here but finally came up with it. I have never had a completely custom sudio system the exact way I wanted it but i decided it was time to do it with this car. I had all new componets put in throughout the car, highs, and tweeters. Then in the trunk i went with two RE Audio Pro 12' Subwoofers with a true 1000 watt amp to power those puppies And a true 800 watt amp to push the highs, 200 watts per speaker and holy crap can they get loud. I also had a custom volume knob and base knob put in to control all of this to the mood i was in

And I have to say I really was a name brand guy and I never have had anything but JL Audio in my last 3 cars but holy crap I gave this guy a shot who has been in the audio industry for 27 years and he proved me wrong Re Audio's pro system sounds more clear and crisp and hits harder than anything I have ever had
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