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Originally Posted by sycraft View Post
I want a 450, but it is a lot of bike, what do you weigh and how much seat time have you had. Love my Honda, want a 2013 CRF450R, but it is still more bike than I need, or could handle. I am an old fart, I am 44 now and it clears doubles cleanly with ease, a 450 would probably get me in trouble. Just get it sprung for your weight, I weigh 230 and it still rips.
In all honesty I know I don't NEED a 450... The main reason I WANT a 450 is just for dune riding. They seem to stay on top the sand quite a bit better. I rode a buddy's KTM 350 and it was plenty fast enough for me.... I will probably end up going that route or a 250F.

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