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Originally Posted by Lumino1LE View Post
I took the wheels off my 1LE today to wash them. I was replacing the OEM lug nuts with Gorilla Wheel Locks anyway.

I was appalled to see what a crappy paint job GM, or whomever the OEM manufacturer was, did on them.

The outsides are painted nicely, but just several inches in and they are "splattered" with paint. The rear facing part of the wheel didn't have any paint at all - just bare aluminum!

It really surprises me that they would cut corners like that. I was planning to buy another set of wheels for the track, but for the money, I can get real quality wheels that are probably lighter and finished properly.

End of rant.
I'd be at a dealership if all 4 of my rims were like that. Maybe someone can check there's to see if they have the similar issue. Can you say warranty claim?

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