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3D Renderings and such...
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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Very nice! I like the flares... The hood louvers look good also.

Where did you hide the back-up lights?
Haha good eye indeed. I personally never liked the OEM back-up lights. I'm planning on having them hidden between the bottom of the rear fascia and the top of the diffuser. The rectangular lights on the stock Camaro seem like such an afterthought.

Originally Posted by Indpowr View Post
The white one is sick. Are your body parts going to be available or do you have to get a whole package?
As of right now, the parts will only be included in the complete package, though there is potential expansion into selling individual pieces later down the line.

Originally Posted by jpsuperman81 View Post
Much respect for baldwin motion name and legacy, but even though the white on red looks sick not loving the mustangesk look of striping.
There was some back and forth on how to do the striping and we thought this looked pretty cool. Striping is definitely subject to change though and everyone's feedback will be taken into consideration. While we can't always please everyone, we do value the opinions of the real Camaro enthusiasts out there!

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