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latest pics (2/15/13)

finally removed the rear SS badge...the white-on-yellow really bugged me.
also removed the camaro fender badges, and installed my 1LE badges from Roger at emblempros on the hood. i know some people get real meticulous about measuring everything out, but i just eyeballed one side and laid tape across the hood in a box pattern to make the other side match

also swapped out my dome light and trunk light with some bonus red LEDs that i got from ordering something...

now i'm planning on doing the door abl panels in red (just received those LEDs from Ofer tonight, actually), and i've got red footwell strips as a bonus from some other purchase as well. however, all my mods are on hold at the moment, since the car is still at the dealership waiting for the new strut to come in (hopefully weds/thurs)
i've got a few other things laying around waiting for install, but those are gonna stay a surprise for now
Build thread linked in the pic...

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