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The only really cool experience I've had was that I overslept and was running late to school for a test. When I got to the school parking lot I noticed an empty spot close to my class so without hesitation I parked my car and ran as fast as I could to class. When I got out of class I thought I didn't do great on the test and when I got back to my car I noticed a paper that looked like a parking citation on my windshield. I thought great maybe I should check my tires to see if I got a flat seeing that my day couldn't get any worse. When I read the citation it said "Nice car i'll let you off this time. P.S. don't park in the staff only spot." I had no idea that was the reason the spot was open.

Not as good as some of the other stories but it was great for me and I ended up getting a B on my test!!!
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