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Originally Posted by jameslk350 View Post
The ZL1 brake ducts aren't that good because you looked at them? One of the reasons why the ZL1 tops the Shelby GT500 is because of its brake ducts and fade-free brakes.[/QUOTE

Yeah if they perform like the Z06 brake ducts they aren't that great. Better than nothing. I "looked" at them and they are the same design as the Vettes. I have friends that race Z06s and they have warped rotors even with those type of ducts. The best design for a track car is putting the cool air right at the hub, period. The downside for a daily driver with putting air right at the hub is anything that gets sucked into the duct gets blown on your brakes.

As for comparing the ZL1 to the Mustang, Avalnch is correct. Do some homework before commenting on something you obviously don't know much about.
I was thinking of making intake brake ducts with a sliding piece to close when you are on the street and open when you are at the track, as long as you have the hose adapter for the shield everything is cake. Also I heard that channeling the cool air between the rotor from the front is better than from the side because this method cools both blades vs. just the inner rotor blade resulting in a cooler inner rotor with a hotter outer rotor surface.
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