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Originally Posted by SSSoon View Post
How's the brake duct project going? Could you post some pics and a par list of exactly what you bought? This kind of info would be really helpful. I am also concerned about routing through the engine bay as I have some other stuff going on down there (SC coolant lines, oil cooler lines) and would love to see where yours would route. Thanks man!
Actually I'm finishing the belly pan project today once I can make it over to the shop. Then I'm starting the brake duct project. I've done some more research and listened to some other ideas. This has caused me to rethink how to approach this. So, the ZL1 only uses a much smaller dust shield. Why I wondered? My buddy has a Z51 and it has no dust shields at all, the ducts just blow on the brakes similar to the way the ZL1 does. Obviously the dust shields hold in heat. So, since this is not a DD nor will it intentionally see rain I might either go with the ZL1 shields or trim the spares I bought. Still trying to decide if mounting the duct right to the dust shield is worth the effort or just have the duct pointed at the hub/rotors with the smaller shields. Leaning towards running them to the shields.

I'm 99% sure you won't be able to run a 3 inch pipe through the engine bay without smashing it up. I have test run a 2-1/2 duct and was able to get that in without a lot of problems.

So to reiterate, I'm going with the headlight duct adapters and mounting those to the left and right of the air damn in the lower grille. This means cutting out the plastic and riveting or bolting in the adapters to the air damn. I'll need a 3" to 2.5" adapter to run the smaller duct back to the brakes.

Since the dust shield is steel, I'll cut holes where I want the duct to be attached and weld the muffler adapters I found at autozone for 2.5 exhaust pipe.

Using the DRL lights is another way to get air, but I prefer to leave mine intact. The plastic air damn is inexpensive enough that if I remove the ducts for some reason, I can get it replaced.
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