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I first met Philip back in 1996. We built our first Venom 650R on his Viper GTS. He later let us use it in a Motor Trend magazine test and it ran 10's in the 1/4 mile which was a big deal back in those days. He then went on to do a lot of SCCA Trans Am racing and was a very successful racer in the Southeast Region. More recently we had the opportunity to build him a couple of fast Camaros.

I quickly became friends with Philip as we shared the same passion for fast cars. He and Donna were the classic picture of the American dream. Phil drove semi trucks and then went into the carpentry business. He eventually became one of the top master carpenters for home builders such as David Weekly. He had a lot of cool cars and was always excited to share them anywhere he went. He and Donna would travel around in their toterhome race rig. And on the last 2 vehicle builds they drove over to Texas trailering their Camaros to our shop. And they camped out in their rig while we built there cars then they drove home 2-3 days later.

I am crushed and deeply saddened to lose such a fine man and wonderful friend. I wish to pass along my deepest condolences to Donna and the Simms family. Philip's legacy and memory will live on for a long time as he was such a positive influence on so many people, including me.

John Hennessey
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