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Originally Posted by rpepka View Post
So the engine was build by Lingenfelter and ADM installed it, and the total package installed and tuned is $14,999. correct? I looked on there website and the engine alone is that much. Is this a special you are offering?

Yes it is what I sell this package for.

We have options as well just as they do.

I have done 427-441CID Packages in the Trailblazer SS,Corvettes that all land in this price range.

Currently I have 3 customers I am putting 427 engines in,2 have their car and 1 other is in transit.I am already booking into september.

The part number is LPELS2SB427.Some components are used from your original LS3 engine.Covers,pan,intake ,throttlebody,coils,wires,heads etc.

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