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The ECS Novi 2200 started, but not without adversity!

So.... I woke up sunday morning and decided to make the trip to Straighline Performance in New Lenox, IL from Des moines,IA. I got the car all packed up, checked under the hood just to be safe and I was off! Made the drive in about 4.5 hours, booked my hotel and walked across the street to grab some bit @ texas road house. All was well, until..

I woke up the next morning excited to head 6 miles down the road and drop my car off to Nick! I go out, start my car to let it warm up and go back inside for a cup of coffee. At this point, everything seems ok... grab my coffee and head back outside. I sit in my car and sure as crap.. a strong smell of raw fuel! I quickly shut it down and pop the hood to find fuel sprayed everywhere...

I suspect its my fuel feed line, but see nothing out of the ordinary upon inspection,I throw down a few hotel towels and have him give a quick turn of the key to pressurize the fuel so I can see where its coming from. To my surprise its spraying out from where the injector seats into my aftermarket Fast fuel rails.... whats odd is that I made the 350 mile trip fine with no fuel issues...

after a $60 trip to napa for a few basic tools and more importantly, Gloves.. (23degrees outside) I get the fuel rail rip ripped apart and reseat all my injectors and get it fixed. Its now 10 am..

So I make it over to straightline and going over this list of mods I have in my trunk and being shipped direct to his shop!
ECS Novi 2200 kit, ECS 10 Rib, Alky Meth kit, ATI UDP, Mantic 9000 twin Clutch, Master cylinder, slave cylinder ,Squash E85 duel 450lph pump + accessories, Id1000 injectors, Pillar Guages, DSS 1400 Axles , Farks upper control arm bushings , LPW diff cover, Jannetty posi mod, Jannetty diff billet caps, Solo axle back w/J pipes, ZR1 3 bar map sensor, Steel braided Coolant line,
Katech heater hose relocate

Car detail!!
Still undecided but have funds for 2" headers, Eaton truetrac, Pfadt drag coilovers,
3" catback

as were going through the list we begin to talk about how we want to manage boost on the novi 2200, were both sold on the idea of utilizing a wastegate with a 13lb spring on the front side of the intercooler over the standard restrictor plate design by ECS. We were thinking we would pulley down, make higher boost in the lower range and use the wastegate to bleed anything in excess of 13lb, basically hitting peak boost alot sooner.

that was until... we got on the subject of when I could afford to turn the beast over to a 416ci .. a little question and answer back and forth and we decide ill let him know by end of day, well I made my decision within an hour.. **** it, we only live once right!?

So.. the motor gets ripped out today and off to machining, ill update with the assembly we decide on shortly!

Needless to say, im excited! and today is my birthday, so Happy birthday to me!

Special thanks to Matt@FSP for being able to make this all happen for me, you've been pretty much the best vendor ive ever worked with and truly appreciate all the dumb questions i've been bombarding you with over the past 2 weeks and all the cell phone texts over the weekend! Thanks a ton bro! Im sure I have a few more items I need to pickup and will still need to truly upgrade my rear in May.

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