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Originally Posted by MLCrisis View Post
are any rjt owners out there disappointed in the color difference between front fascia and rest of car? i love my car but i'm a little disappointed in this issue. would appreciate any comments.

pictures are in previous post
I wouldn't talk about this but since you brought it up, yes I do notice. Is it enough for me to do something about? No, I don't think so.

My camera gives almost a true color representation. Its a Nikon D70 adjusted with the help of
I took a shot of it when I noticed it:

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Heres a shot I took soon after where they match perfectly. I could not get a shot like this on the IOM I saw a couple of weeks ago. That one wasn't even close and I think the color itself is more likely to show.
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What I did notice, and you can't see in a picture, was that the fascia paint had a little different texture ( a little more orange peel effect) which is what I think it is. If it really bothers you bring it up. They would be able to fix it but it won't be as good as factory paint if they do.

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