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I just added the ARH headers and with high flow cats on my L99. I love the sound, but I know know why the L99 has the large resonators. It is to muffle the sound of the cylinders activating. Anyone modifying the exhaust of an L99 might want to consider what this sounds like. Unfortunately the way the car is set up there are times when the car is switching from 4 to 8 cylinders frequently. I have not had a chance to drive the car much since adding the system, but it seems like around 45 mph the RPMs drop to about 1000 and the cylinder deactivation kicks in and out often. Frankly I think GM needs to make some adjustments because at 1000 rpm the engine is so lugged down that it runs rough. Anyway, under these conditions the popping/cracking of the additional 4 cylinders firing does not sound right and gets annoying.
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