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Originally Posted by MikeSVX View Post
Why does everyone keep saying that? The SS396 was faster, Which more power and more options. The only reason the Z28 was built was to meet SCCA racing standards. SCCA put a displacement restriction of 305ci. Ford and GM both did 302ci and Dodge did a 301ci (Im not positive on the dodge displacement). The Z28 package was a small displacement track car.
The L78 was the only 396 with more HP and then it was marginally more (the 302 numbers were deceptive for racing - 290 was at a much lower than capable RPM). Torque yes it was more in the SS, but it had a heavy BB in it to lug around. You couldn't get 4 wheel disc or cross ram on an L78. The Z28 could be had with every option, but AC and vert. In the end a Z28 and SS were apples and oranges.

And way more development money was spent on the Z28. Was it the top Camaro? Depends on ones perspective.
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