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Game is broken atm. Horrible launch and HUGE HUGE failure. Tried for about 3 hours over the past 3 days to even play... Servers glitch, timers, things just don't work. Amazon has suspended the sale of the game. Thanks for the always on DRM EA. Just making people want to pirate a WORKING copy of the game.

Cant wait for the big publishing companies to all die out. Its the time of crowdfunded and actual games that are fun again! Not just hollywood showboating bs console crap.

Good games coming via kickstarter and in development...
Planetary Annihilation
Project Eternity
Star Citizen

No publisher, so the people can actually make money off of their product.

Always online DRM isnt an excuse for pirating. But in this case when the game doesn't work DUE to the DRM then I cant wait till I can play pirate a single player version... However, I would recommend anyone who is a big sim fan to stick to 4.

Personally? I'm going to get a refund on this pile of crap but the wait time is 3+ hours on CS.
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