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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
The L78 was the only 396 with more HP and then it was marginally more (the 302 numbers were deceptive for racing - 290 was at a much lower than capable RPM). Torque yes it was more in the SS, but it had a heavy BB in it to lug around. You couldn't get 4 wheel disc or cross ram on an L78. The Z28 could be had with every option, but AC and vert. In the end a Z28 and SS were apples and oranges.

And way more development money was spent on the Z28. Was it the top Camaro? Depends on ones perspective.

I believe if you knew what boxes to tick you could get 4 wheels disc brakes on a 69 SS. Doing some searching it looks like it was RPO JL8 but seems like it was extremely rare.
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