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Originally Posted by nUcLeArEnVoY View Post
Holy cow, the spoiler on that SLP be car is freakin' epic. It's what I originally wanted before switching over to the Dovetail! Three questions Moose or Tag, hopefully you can answer for me:

1. The pinstriped hockeystick stripes on that otherwise stock-ish looking Rally Yellow SS/RS going to be available as a decal package? They're awesome and much thicker to the end than the stock ones which is what I wanted. The stock ones taper waaaay too thin. If they are, I'd buy a set.

2. ... I take it they never got around to fabbing up the 'SS' badge for the center of the front grille on that SLP car, huh? Because it shows an SS grille badge on the advertisement poster. Are they not going through with it, or have they just not reached that point yet?

3. And last but not least, is that spoiler on the SLP car going to be produced and available for purchase someday? It'd be a huge hit for the crowd in between the stock spoiler and the dovetail.
1. Not sure.
2. SS badge is there. If it's the new facia you are talking about, it's not ready. They will have it...just give it some time. They only finished this SS recently and it's going to be a direct replacement part for the ZL Camaro. Not sure if it will be for sale as a regular replacement option, though.
3. The spoiler you see there is for that ZL specific car only. SLP has a package put together that is special to ONE car only. It makes these cars more desirable a one of a kind edition. I was informed another spoiler was in the works and it's possible that it could be released in August. Not sure, but was told to hold off on getting anything else for a couple. My plan is to do JUST THAT. I think I have a new spoiler on Dads wish list for August...and I think it'll be here!
Originally Posted by RickyTheStorm View Post
Man I wish I could have made it It is depressing to live 30 minutes away and still get stuck at work not being able to go. I love the blue bow-tie, dunno how it would work on my IOM though

keep them coming!
You got it! Got some more otw here in a few if i can get them uploaded.

Originally Posted by Raven View Post
TAG....bring that rain back with you!! PLEASE!!!
I don't know about the rain, but I'll bring the THUNDER!!! MUAH HA HA HA!!!
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