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Sooo, finally got the car back from the dealership yesterday afternoon. I had it towed there on the 20th, and when I called them two days later they told me they'd identified the parts needed and should have it by Wednesday or Thursday the following week. I was pretty stoked, that's pretty fast for getting parts out here from the mainland!
Now, the really frustrating thing for me was that I always was the one calling to get updates about what's going on with my car. I know I didn't buy a luxury vehicle, but I sure didn't buy a cheap one either, and would like actual service...unfortunately, this particular gripe isn't limited to this dealer, it's consistent all over Hawaii. Oh, and also that I took leave this week so i could mod out the car some more :(
Anyway, naturally I call on weds and Thursday, then Friday, and was told that they got the parts in two shipment that afternoon, should be able to start install Monday.
I call Monday and Tuesday, the parts were installed, but apparently they didn't receive some nut that goes to the top of the strut? Wtf? Think I was fed some bullshit, bc the service writer didn't really seem to know what he was referring to either, but they were going to overnight the part.
I didn't bother calling weds since there's really not overnight service to Hawaii, and they were still going to put it on the lift for photos for the warranty claim.
Finally got the call Thursday afternoon saying it was ready for pickup. Up to this point they still wouldn't say if it would be warrantied or not, but made a point to say that they warrantied it just for me (riiiight) this point I think they finally started worrying about the satisfaction survey...
So, after 2.5 long weeks, I took it home and gave it a good bath, and this morning finally swapped my door abls to red
Build thread linked in the pic...

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