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Originally Posted by camguynj View Post
Did the fuse pull today. Took about 10 mins. No rips or tears. Now it sounds like the 60's big block muscle cars sounded all the time gotta love it ! Drone not a factor.

I would add to the instructns to use a trim tool to remove the top passngr side rivet, and after unscrewing the cargo net covers from the trunk trim ,to pull the trunk trim panel down a little & out on the passngr side to enable pulling out the passngr side carpet panel from behind it to give you clear access to the fuse box. Thanks again.
No problem! I've learned many things on the forum and this is the easiest way I could do to give back. I searched around once I had the NPP on my vehicle and couldn't find any answers so I created this for anyone that had the same issue. Glad everything worked out!

I'll add the trim tool as a tool you can use, I never used one/dont own one so I didn't include it. Thanks again!

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Great mod. I love the new sound. Quick and easy.

Originally Posted by sanjoes1969 View Post
Just did it went way easy 10min tops. Will be driving more today got a long ways to go :( picked it up yesterday and only have 135 mi. on it. Well gota go going for a drive

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sorry guys ...i have a 2012 ss2/rs automatic w paddle shifters. i notice the exhaust sound louder on certain days. does mine have the fuse pull option?
Unfortunately, the only model to feature the NPP exhaust in 2012 was the ZL1. It comes in the MY2013 models as an option but is stock for 2012+ ZL1s
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