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Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
Agree x10
No, and heres why. Chevy caved in after 2012 on HP. The late entry beating the Mustang for 2012 was the ZL1. Mustang trumped, and will hold until the end of both models, nothing will change on either end. So who is top dog? The Z/28 was to be, until the demise of the economy and GM was in risk of folding. After the economy received assistance, GM rebounded, and resurrected the Z/28 project that morphed because of time and competition to the ZL1. Not the Z/28 name. The ZL1 is a car for all time no doubt, a pinacle of engineering,but a metamorphasis from it's original intent. A new model that we don't need. Drop it, use the information and technology gained from this project, and transform it into the Z/28 for the next build.
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