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Originally Posted by axis View Post
That's easy. Show me any tangible graph that can show the increase in throttle response of a wedge vs stock. Opinion and SOP is so subjective it's not even funny. We have guys stating their new exhaust free'd up 20+whp on their cars and will SWEAR to it, just because it feels 20whp faster. Do you believe them too? If you want to make claims on here, we need them to be backed up with some kind of proof. My throttle response feels faster just doesn't cut it.

Placebo: "I spent some money on a POS & it must make more HP because I spent some money"......

With all the TB acceleration placebo delays - all sheeples should immediately take their car to the dealer for warranty service to repair for free. And for those on the cheap, maybe you can stealer beg for a $1.00 off coupon for an increase in HP oil change (begins with the letter Z), gee.....

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