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Originally Posted by axis View Post
That's easy. Show me any tangible graph that can show the increase in throttle response of a wedge vs stock. Opinion and SOP is so subjective it's not even funny. We have guys stating their new exhaust free'd up 20+whp on their cars and will SWEAR to it, just because it feels 20whp faster. Do you believe them too? If you want to make claims on here, we need them to be backed up with some kind of proof. My throttle response feels faster just doesn't cut it.
the only way i know to test throttle response is at the track. unfortunately, im not going any time soon. and even then, i am too much of a variable to provide consistent results. being said.

did i need a dyno to realize the gains made from adding LT's? NOPE
did i need a dyno to realize the gains from my CAI? NOPE
or how about when i added my 3.91 gears? NOPE (its quick as shyt)
ported TB to be added to this list soon...

...just sayin.

yes, a dyno or 1/4 mi is nice when looking for the actual gain made with the addition of each part. i agree that you really won't feel a HP increase of anything under 10 (especially on an LS3). i disagree when it comes to throttle response (what i see as a direct result of added TQ). you can feel the difference in throttle response, you can hear, and see it. the car responds quicker, you can hear the engine rev up quicker, and you can see the RPM's climb faster. thats all the proof i need. but you'll probably tell me that my uncalibrated but dyno is off

anyhow, whats it gonna hurt? vararam will return it if you don't like it anyway.

i'll keep enjoying my placebo effect...
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