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Originally Posted by Th3Beast View Post
I've done a lot of searching, but haven't come up with any good responses on this subject.

Does anyone run a dedicated wheel/tire setup for road course use?

It would nice find a cheaper and smaller diameter wheel (19" or 18" all around) with similar offsets to retain the track width of the car and similar tread widths as well.
Are you competing for money? If not I would stick with what you have. Only thing I plan on doing is getting something similar to the PZeros for rain days, or a dedicated tire for rain days.

I have done two track days with stock Pzeros that where next to new tread and they did great. on the 8" & 9" OEM SS wheels.

Now on dry time, you need something more like the GY F1 G2's or Nitto's (big blocks). Which this will be my first year doing track time with the ZL1 wheels and tires.

Trust me, I understand you wanting a smaller tire for quicker turn in, less rotating mass, etc, but unless you are competing professionally. I wouldn't 19" tires are harder to find and more expensive.

18" tires are more accessible, but it is hard to find a 18" tire to clear the front calipers.
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