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Originally Posted by MXR View Post
Looks fun . How about a cruise up to Sunrise on Mt Rainier after the meet ?
That's a good idea, actually. We have discussed a few suggestions for after-event cruises, since Buckley is a pretty good jumping off point to a few destinations.

Originally Posted by ForgedReality View Post
That takes forever. Better meet at 8am then...
Not really. The entrance to Sunrise is just a little ways past the entrance to Crystal Mt. Ski Resort. Google maps puts it at an hour and a half and 58 miles to the visitor center. I've driven 410 quite a few times, and it always seems quicker than that. (Unless you get behind a motor home, or Subaru going 15 under.) Might be the scenery.
A less known, but even closer entrance to Mt. Rainier is the Carbon River Ranger Station, out past Carbonado. It's only about 18 miles, and Google says 50 minutes. The nice part about this little run is plenty of twisties along the way.
And speaking of Crystal Mt., they are open during the Summer. You can take a tram ride up to a lookout with a restaurant and outdoor cafe that overlooks Mt. Rainier. The Pacific NW Camaro Club will be doing another cruise there the weekend after the Wally's meet (Aug 17).

Here's some pics from last year's cruise to Crystal:

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I had a lot of good pictures. It was hard to pick just a few.
It's a Camaro thing...
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