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Waiting For My 1SS/RS SIM
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sigh, I know you are saying its hot but im still clocking this at 5 seconds to 60. So, spend $1800, get a tune, and ALMOST get your advertised times from the manufacturer specs--lame.

The L99 is a real disappointment to me right now. Im sure 100 people will reply to this post telling me im crazy but im sorry, these are just not the numbers I was expecting on my Auto Camaro.

My timing method was the stopwatch on the Iphone and I would push start when the RPM's reached 1k on the TACH.
Order# NJPW8K
1SS/RS SIM Black Interior
1100 (original order date): 04/16/09
2000 (dealer received allocation):
2500 (order preferenced):
3000 (accepted to production):
3300 (scheduled for prod):
3400 (broadcast):
3800 (produced):
4000/4B00 (available to ship/bayed):
4200 (shipped):
4300 (intermediate, may be multiple):
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