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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
I agree with the first half of your comment, but why don't we need the ZL1 when GM's biggest competitor has a model it competes with? are downsizing because of tighter market shares and economic downturn reasons. Same as the simple explaination is that we don't have 6 divisions or so of products anymore, and 16 color options., That old model does not work. WE know the ZL1 morphed form the initial intent of resurecting the Z/28. Let's get back to the face of Chevy and basics, who really cares about a ZL1? How long has it been made? It's a replacement for the iconic GM muscle car...why carry a halo performer in the Camaro lineup other than Z/28? What impact has it to anyone who knows anything about what if was in the past and any meaning it has it has to us now? Can the limited market share<and price> be sustained over time? It's a 100th year of Chevy tip of the hat product design that Chevy can showcase... and they can do this thing whenever they see fit. It's here, they did it, better off retiring it, and moving forward with the Z/28 only I say. And make it what they wanted it to be before the economic collapse.
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