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^And my point is, it is NOT slower than GM advertised CANNOT compare 2 different cars running at 2 different times of the year, in 2 different geographic locations using a phone based stop watch off a video and consider that to be an accurate representation numbers...COME ON MAN?!? My car is probably a 0-60 in 4.5 seconds compared to GM's claim, if I were to have run it on the same day that they ran have too many variables to consider to be able to make the statement you are making...Yes, my background is science, and the methodology of 0-60 timing you are referring to, on which you are basing your claims of it being totally not scientific at point being that is why C&D, MT, R&T etc all use the Vbox or other softwear to measure timing...not the stopwatch on their Iphone while watching a video of the run.
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