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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
This "he said, she said" regarding "Corvette engine" usage belies one always-in-play FACT: Put the same engine in a 3900 lb vehicle and it will NOT outperform a 3200 lb vehicle, all other things being similar, which of course they're not...

It was the same at Ford when the 540 hp engine was used in the far-superior (dynamically) GT chassis than in the GT 500 Stang. GT outran the bigger/heavier/less-dynamic Stang...and so would the Vette. By its very nature, the Vette maintains a certain performance superiority over the Camaro...

The GT 500 is on a par, now, with the mid-decade GT only because of an extra 100+ hp...and improved GY tires.

Try that recipe on the 1SS/1LE Gen-5 Camaro with LS7 motor-vation and Michelin Pilot SS or Cup tires...and then watch the competition cringe!
I understand that entirely and have said it many times but, and this is the key, if we know that, then GM knows that. So why haven't they used the high peformance Corvette engines in the Camaro in any recent cars?
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