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Originally Posted by RX SS RACERX View Post
Oh well,had a lot of chips anyway Even if I don't race it will be a hell of alot cheaper than the VP109-I know-keep my foot out of it and the 93 is OK-just can't trust myself If it's too hot I have a BIG cooler! BS on you NOT running-WASTE of great tuning and new shocks!

You'll see after being stuck in the parking lot for 12 hrs a day. After diner at 8 all we wanted to do was sleep. I go to the track 20-25 times a year. I think it'll be more fun just harassing everyone.

Nothing is set in stone. The new trailer has a/c so it won't be as bad as last year. It's jusy towing that thing around is a pain. It won't fit at the hotel. It needs to be parked at the track.
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