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Originally Posted by BullF-16 View Post
Yes it does....its called the left hand and where its at on the quadrant. full up and you got full 60,000 lbs per hour out the hind end, back it off and you slow down.

There is no fancy gurly man boost controller with 69 different tunes loaded. I thought about not a big 1320' guy nor road course guy. I just want a really sick 4000 lb car that makes me happy. I have to transfer the left hand control to the right foot. If its too much...back the hell off...why do i need a seperate waste gate or AMS controller to tell me what the hell to do......i just want to have fun. If i get be it...then its time to wrestle!!!!!!!

I have learned the KISS principle is so popular for a reason. I dont earn a living by shaving .01 seconds off my 1320 times....but it sure is fun pushing the limits....

Thanks for the inputs. Camaro5 members are pretty damn awesome. Thanks!!!

You don't have to have a tune for every boost setting you have. One tune should take care of all your 93 octane boost needs. You'll need a seperate one of you want to run higher octane fuel or meth though. I guess we look at it differently. I'd like to have a safe tune and rock solid boost settings for running around on the street, then a better tune for high octane/max power the track. The car tends to live longer that way. I've seen way too many wastegates overboost and most of them will spike. A good boost controller will prevent those spikes. Personally, i've never been able to watch the boost gauge and the road at the same time.
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