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Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
that's all I am saying..the LS7 is too big
How so?

Physically, LS7 is the same size as the LS3. Avoir du pois, same as LS3 if "wet-sumped".

Only driveline issue for a 1LE-based version, in my mind (besides adding ZL1 6-piston front Brembos), is adding the HD ZL1 or CTS-V rear diff. center section...which, by itself before other "possible adjustments", adds less than 30 the rear (better balance). And adding Michelin PSS/Cup non-run-flats would offset the bigger front brakes' weight in total.

Throw in a pair of 1LS non-powered grippy cloth seats, and you're very close to weight-neutral...with a composite vented hood.

Pricing (again):

Is it fair/proper to assume GM makes about the same money on an LS3 crate engine as they make on an LS7 crate engine? If so, substitute the mass-mechandised price differential of $7,000. Now add some cert/val costs.

Now add the mass-merchandised price differential for the Brembos (6-piston + 2-piece rotors vs. 4-piston) of less than $1,000.

The deletion of the dual 6-ways ($800 @ MSRP, or $400 each) pays for the hood...

A distinguishing grille (they have several to choose from in-house)...and "hold" the graphix (afaic)...

Now, 1SS/1LE + cert/val LS7 + HD Carrier + 6-piston Brembos + 1LS seats + vented composite hood = same Margin @ "under $50,000".


Call it whatever you want...but "hold" the badges/stripes/embroidered seats/mats on mine.

Black-on-Black, please.

...and my VISA number ends in 002-short...

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