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Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
yeah no biggie, that's alll I am saying..the LS7 is too big and too expensive for a Z/28(track ready, poor mans race car)..just call it the LS7 just like the concept pictures and I am happy with that.
LS7 too big for a Z/28? How so, physical dimensions it's the same as an LS3. Displacement? With no race series limitation, I have no problem with the LS7 displacement for a Z/28. Too expensive? There are likely ways that a significant part of the price difference could be addressed, perhaps an LS7 not completely "hand built", as well I think the in-house price differential is not as high as the crate engine differential. I do not see another suitable, immediately available engine in the Chevrolet lineup at present. When some videos surfaced of LS7 Camaros, listening to them run certainly gave off the correct sounds to my ears for a high performance Z/28!
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