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Yeah it was said somewhere 30 engines a week..I know they don't sell that many corvettes, so I am sure they have a boatload of them on a warehouse! I don't mean too big as in size, we all know the LS-series are all the same size dimensions. What I have been trying to say, is the original Z/28's were purpose built, just because there isn't a racing circuit with displacement limitations, doesn't mean that GM shouldn't want to return to their roots as ford did and hook us up with an equaling engine. I know I know, wishful thinking, but I want to be inspired again, not turned upside down and shaken violently for every penny I have earned just to drive one..then after paying the good 'ol gov't heir chunk for the gas guzzler tax, pay every week at the pump just to take it around the block. I don't want a 50k garage queen, I want to be able to enjoy the car!
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