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Originally Posted by CJ Man View Post
Hey guys what I miss?

So welker is a bronco.

Amendola is a pat. (Great pick up with welker gone)

Fins spending money like the marlins last year (prediction: same result will befall the fins like the marlins)

Bills are........the bills!

And jets are butt fumbling their way through free agency and the revis situation.

Just figured I let you guys know I am alive and kicking. Just been super busy dealing with everyday life still trying to get a camaro back in my garage.

Oh and ravens won it all! Congrats irock. Who would have thunk it!
Missed you this season....

Originally Posted by Steve Dallas View Post
It's only going to get worse as the season approaches.
Can't wait

Originally Posted by dorfmac View Post
You can't blame all of Welkers success on Brady. Brady wasn't the one who always managed to get open on crucial third downs or picked up crazy amounts of YAC on screen passes from behind the line of scrimmage. Welker has been a beast in his own right.

Meanwhile, you're paying more annually for a total of 5(?) seasons for a player who has never even had a 700 yard season. You look at his career numbers (1700 yards, 7 TDs) and that's something Welker could put up in ONE season and almost did in 2011. There is no way Amendola and Brady can work up a rapport to match that which he had with Welker, and while you can't put any tangible number on that relationship, it has got to count for something.

If it were me and keeping Welker wasn't an option, I probably would start to use Hernandez in more of a WR role while allowing Lloyd to become the #1. Gronk would obv still be a major threat from the TE spot with Ballard filling in on the two TE sets.

I'm not too concerned. Pollard is the only one that has me scratching my head.

Kruger and Ellerbe both got overpaid and I'm glad we didn't sign either one. They've combined for 20 starts in the teams last 65 games, so that speaks to how "integral" they are. Kruger, in particular, was just a role player. 2 down linebacker only used in pass rush situations who is being paid like a pro bowler now. He was really only effective once Suggs came back and took most of the attention, so I don't see him as a #1 option for pass rush.

Boldin is old, can't get separation, and has never had a thousand yard season for us. Losing him hurts on the surface, but in reality, he hasn't been a #1 WR since he left AZ, and even then he was their #2.

We had a similar exodus of key players a few seasons ago when we let go Heap and Mason - Spent the next five years in the playoffs. Have always lost "key" defensive players - where are Bart Scott, Ed Hartwell, Dawan Landry, Kik Herring and Adalius Thomas now?

Front office has a plan. Don't know what it is yet, but it will unfold in the coming months. And no matter what, that Super Bowl trophy can keep us warm until September when everything starts up again.
Brady threw him open actually, the report I saw indicated that both players got the same guaranteed money ....yes, Welker being part of the system is irreplaceable , but I think they will be fine.

How much you think Flacco's contract is playing a role on all the Ravens moves

Originally Posted by Steve Dallas View Post
How I feel so far with the Seahawks offseason.

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