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Originally Posted by MZ1 View Post
IF you read or seen my post I've probably owned more Chevy's in my lifetime than you have sir. I got tired of getting my ass and wallet kicked every time I bought a new one, plus dealing with the scum bag dealers what not a fun time. 22 years later I am just about ready to buy this fantastic ZL1. I come onto these forums and find nothing has changed. I was hoping something would have changed in that long time frame. I am sorry, but it's a $60K car NOT a $18K car. It shouldn't have all these problems I see folks on HERE complaining about and then go to down to their dealers and have problems dealing with the dealer. I really really want the car, but I'm afraid really afraid to pull the trigger. Sorry IF you don't or can't understand that.
Ohh yeh the ZL1 in the MotorTrend test did get beat by a GT500 as it should. The ZL1 is minus 80 HP, plus it's heavier. Chevy should up the ant a little on the HP just like they did back in good ol 60's. Another 50 to 80HP would never hurt plus not many Chevy fans would complain on that one.
yeah cost me all of $1,200 to do that.

gt500 tp/pp $61,450

ZL1 $55,500+ $1200 in mods.

I have had 0 problems to date. I have had two corvettes and GM stood behind any issue I had with them. TSB's on the shifter, clutch, diff fluid on my Z06.

honestly you sound like a troll. I have owned chevy's, ford's, and dodges in the 20 last years. every one I bought in factory waranty they have stood behind just fine. Then again I am not stupid if it is a factory flaw I will point that out and make them fix it. If I have added 200hp I don't go try to make them fix something I broke.

Sometimes I wonder if they just try to take advantage of people who don't know any better. I see it on the internet people complaining. when I go it explain the issue never have this problem. I will look up the tsb print it and walk it to the dealer. Zero denials with this approach. clutch changed at 15k on the clock.

I can go over to SVT forums and find all kinds of complaining about GT500. I think it is a good car. some people have had issues though. it happens.

People with problems complain 1000X more than people with car that are functioning fine. people will come on hear and complain before they have even talked with the dealer.

I love the fact you pointed out the randy probst test because when you look at the Vbox data you can see the ZL1 outhandles the mustang by leaps and bound. So if you like a good handling car that test should have really shown you how good the ZL1 is.

the only advantage the GT500 came away with with gained on the last straitaway. it lost time in ever section of the track that was not strait. ever section that was not strait the GT500 lost time period with a pro behind the wheel.

that being said if you just like the mash the pedal and go strait the GT500 is a better deal hands down. they can be made 700hp pretty easy.
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